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Who doesn’t love Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, not only does she rock but her costumes are a kick ass.  Thanks to her collaboration with costume designer Christian Joy, Karen has rocked the stage in nothing other than amazingly offensive fashion! If only I had a band.

Click here and fall in love with the magic that is simply Christian Joy.


Halloween in April

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just found out The Rocky Horor Picture Shows going to be playing at the Clay Theatre this weekend, never been to a midnight showing of the longest running midnight movie ever and think it’s about time.  Time to get out the fab drag and dancing shoes!

wondering about the who what where’s? click here for more details….

Sat, Apr 24 at Midnight at the Clay Theatre!

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more inspiration coming from none other than the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  This shoot is so crazy it kills me eery time it’s so perfect so excited to start shopping hehe!

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just started thinking of inspiration for my next photo shoot, going to be inspired by this lovely couple…. you might know them as Mr. Tim Burton and his muse and wife Miss Helena Bonham.

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starting to think about my business card, stumbled across these layouts that I though they were kinda cool. Thanks YouTheDesigner for the inspiration.

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Did a photo shoot with le Weene two weeks ago, and this was the magical result.  After a slip up on the dates, and a farmer’s tan later, we made it to the shoot that left us roaming the colonial inspired house of a local San Franciscan.  He was rad, the house was rad, and though the weather was flaky, we ended up getting to do this final shot in his original 1920’s first massed produced ride in the most Bonnie & Clyde inspired outfit yet!  Cheers to everyone who worked on the shoot, it was a gas.

Photographer: Cecilia Austin

Stylists: Hannah Trevino & Chaine Leyendecker

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its Bill Nye time!  News Flash Fashionistas: since March the typically chill Volcano of Iceland called Eyjafjallajokull decided to rumble erupting this April sending clouds of ash soaring as high as 11,000 meter up in the air.  Sounds cool, but as any of you traveling known all is not well in Europe when it comes to the air, as the ash has closed and forced thousands to be stuck in airports…. to find out more check out these amazing videos from the weather channel.